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The Tiny Geniuses Series

Fourth grader Jake Everdale is struggling in school—a lot. He makes a wish for extra help that comes true in a most unexpected way in this series that blends humor, science, and history.

Megan Bryant - Fly to the Rescue!

Fly to the Rescue!

Jake Everdale is about to flunk science class and his mom is threatening to pull him off the baseball team. Can the season be saved?


When Jake makes a desperate wish for homework help, he can’t believe what happens next — his Heroes of History action figures come to life! Famed scientist Sir Isaac Newton and legendary pilot Amelia Earhart are going to make sure Jake aces the science fair. But these tiny geniuses have minds of their own!

Megan Bryant - Set the Stage!

Set the Stage!

Jake’s class is gearing up for Living History Night. Every student has to do a report about a famous person in history on stage, in front of the whole school. But Jake has major stage fright . . .


Fortunately, Jake has some tiny geniuses to help him break a leg! First Lady of Song Ella Fitzgerald and Founding Father Benjamin Franklin know just what Jake needs. But can they help him without spilling the secret of the magic wishing well?

Megan Bryant - Hit a Home Run!

Hit a Home Run!

Baseball season is heating up, and Jake’s got sports on the brain. It feels harder than usual to pay attention in school, especially when the subject—art—is something Jake has always struggled with.

When he finds out he has to write a report on a famous artist, Jake makes a wish for extra help ASAP. With a magic burst of sparkles, legendary baseball player Jackie Robinson and renowned artist Frida Kahlo arrive to lend their expertise!

Megan Bryant - Save the Day!

Save the Day!

When Jake gets paired with school bully, Aiden, on a school project, he’s crushed. The next few weeks are going to be no fun at all.

Until two new Tiny Geniuses show up, that is! British monarch Queen Elizabeth I and civil rights activist Cesar Chavez have appeared to help save the day!

Bryant adroitly blends fantasy and history and features a strong, realistic protagonist with whom readers will relate. Fans of classic books with tiny characters, like Mary Norton’s The Borrowers (1952), will get a kick out of the new Tiny Geniuses series; this copublishes with the second volume, Set the Stage!
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Intriguing premise + themes with wings + a light hand on the rudder = a flying start.
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This is a perfect little chapter book for introducing questioning, STEM activities, and believing in oneself. The story is well-paced and keeps the reader interested in how the main character will handle his sticky situation!
School Library Connection, recommended title