Middle Grade

Megan Bryant - Abby In Between

Abby in Between: Ready or Not!

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For nine-year-old Abby McAdams, everything seems to be changing.

Her cousin and best friend, Zoe, has moved across the country, her mom is going back to work, and Abby is stuck in the only after-school activity still available–running–which she absolutely loathes. Her perspective on the world is changing, too, after an encounter in her community sheds light on the issue of homelessness in her town. On top of everything, sudden changes in Abby’s body mean she has to deal with things like deodorant, bras, and uncomfortable conversations. And without her best friend by her side, she’s not sure she can handle it all.

She’s not a grown-up yet, but she definitely doesn’t feel like a little kid anymore. She’s Abby, in between.

Bryant handles challenging, uncomfortable subjects with a lighthearted tone, allowing these topics to resonate with the younger end of middle grade readers…. These elements, alongside the evergreen challenges of growing up, create a story that is timely and universal. The conclusion feels like a ray of sunshine, empowering and hopeful, and will have readers eagerly awaiting the next book. Younger middle grade readers will identify with Abby’s journey in this series debut that can help them navigate the changes, big and small, that life presents.
School Library Journal, starred review (read more)

Bryant delicately captures the shock, embarrassment, and self-consciousness of a young girl at the onset of puberty and writes with true compassion for a preteen yearning for independence while still needing emotional support.
The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books