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What would Apollo's online profile look like? What would Aphrodite say if she had her own blog? Greek mythology hall of famers meet the modern age in a new series that brings the superstars of Greek myth to life with stories that put them in the pantheon. Complete with profiles, headshots, family trees, fascinating sidebars and irreverent surprises, Mythlopedia is for readers who love action, romance, power struggles and more!

Oh My Gods!

Oh My Gods!

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She's All That!

She's All That!

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Just for Fun

I get asked a lot of questions about mythology since writing these books. Here are some of my answers.

 Who's your favorite deity?
Definitely Athena, without a doubt! I'd want to learn everything I could from the goddess of wisdom. And since I love to knit, I have a feeling that Athena, who was also the goddess of handicrafts, could teach me a thing or two. A close second would have to be Apollo. Writing in rhyme is a unique challenge, and a little help from the god of poetry would be appreciated!

 What's your favorite myth?
I first read the story of Persephone, Hades, and Demeter in seventh grade, and I still love it. I remember being absolutely horrified by Hades' sudden abduction of Demeter's daughter, Persephone, to be his queen in the underworld, and tremendously moved by Demeter's grief as she searched the earth for her daughter, neglecting all her duties as goddess of the harvest. I was also fascinated with the way this particular myth served as an explanation for why the seasons change.

 If you could have divine powers, what would they be?
This is such a tough question! Since I have family and friends around the world, it would be great to have the power of flight so that I could visit them more frequently (and without having to go to the airport). I'd also love to be able to communicate with animals so that I could ask my dog what he was thinking when he chewed up my notebook of book ideas. Most of all, I'd want to be a benevolent deity, fostering peace among humans. Some of those Olympians seemed delighted to cause trouble for mortals!


"[B]ut to help lure those unswayed by classicism's allure, the Mythlopedia series spices things up with sassy artwork, a pastel color scheme, and an OMG sensibility. . . . [F]or kids unconvinced that anything so old and gray could have any bearing on their lives, these books provide a feisty . . . guide to the many culture references lingering from antiquity."

"Written with a sense of humor, this could become your go-to title on Greek gods. Each god has 'Family, Flings, Friends, and Foes' listed, but the most powerful gods have 'Profiles' with pronunciation help, a top ten list of facts, and more. [She's All That] includes the same wide array of information as Oh My Gods!, but now it's all about the ladies. Such fun to peruse, and it still retains a nicely educational twist."
   —VOYA (2009 Nonfiction Honor Books)

"Of the literally hundreds of books about mythology, this series is the only one we have encountered that effectively melds in-depth information and entertaining illustrations into a useful reference guide. Highly Recommended."
   —Library Media Collection