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Do you love to catch fireflies? Glowing fireflies are a sure sign that it's summer, but did you know that the greenish light that these bugs emit is meant to attract a mate? This is just one of the interesting facts that kids will learn about in Fireflies!

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Just for Fun

I saw my first firefly when I was eight years old and have been enchanted by them ever since. I feel so lucky to live in a place where the fireflies start flashing every June. If you have fireflies in your area, here are some simple tips to make your yard a firefly-friendly place:
  • Keep outdoor lights low (or, better yet, off)—that makes it easier for fireflies to see one another's flashes.
  • Don't use bug sprays and pesticides outside.
  • Make sure there are some leafy bushes or tall grasses around your yard—they make a perfect home for fireflies.
  • If you catch fireflies in a jar or bag, always remember to set them free before you go to bed.


"Fireflies not only light up the summer skies, but they are also being used in laboratories to help find cures for diseases. This book not only helps beginning readers learn about fireflies, it helps them connect with science, which is essential for today's students. I would highly recommend this book for every classroom and school library."
   —Oneota Reading Journal