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School Visits and Speaking Engagements

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Programs for Children and Young Adults

For Preschool and Kindergarten
Readasaurus is an engaging event that helps children master early learning concepts. We'll count together, share our favorite colors, and search for shapes as we read Countasaurus, Colorasaurus, and Shapeasaurus. A special emphasis on children's creativity encourages students to tell stories, create art, and always use their imaginations. Stickers and coloring pages add to the fun.

Ready, Set, Glow! Firefly Fun for Everyone
Fireflies For Grades 1-3
Fireflies aren't just the stars of summer nights—they're an important resource for scientists who are fighting diseases and searching for life in outer space. After reading Fireflies together, students will learn about the scientific method as we conduct an experiment to discover how temperature affects things that glow. Then—with the help of a few student volunteers—I'll teach kids how to communicate just like fireflies. A high-energy pop quiz (with fun prizes, of course) keeps kids on their toes while showing just how much they've learned during our time together.

Mythology Masters
Mythlopedia Option 1: For Grades 4 and 5
Option 2: For Grades 6-8
The greatest stories from Greek mythology come to life in this dynamic presentation! Kid-friendly language and modern references make these tales utterly accessible, while fast facts about ancient Greece provide context. An emphasis on how to analyze myths provides skills that students can apply to other areas of study. By the end of our time together, students will have received a solid foundation in Greek mythology that's delivered in an entertaining, age-appropriate way. Together, we'll make mythology come alive by mixing fact, fantasy, and most of all, fun!

Life of a Writer
For all ages
In this presentation, my life becomes an open book where kids learn what writers really do all day. I'll tell it all—from my biggest challenges to what I love most about my job—while discussing the wonderful opportunities that await professional writers. With an emphasis on storytelling as an essential part of everyone's daily life, students will leave this session feeling inspired to tell their own stories—whether they're true or not!

Programs for Adults

Breaking into Children's Publishing
Children's publishing is more competitive than ever before. In this workshop, participants will gain an understanding of the current business climate that will provide a solid foundation for pitching and selling your manuscript in today's especially challenging conditions. We'll also discuss tips, tricks, and practical advice about writing for children.

Writing for Children: Picture Books and Board Books
To the untrained eye, picture books and board books can appear deceptively simple—yet they have the potential to turn a small child into a lifelong booklover. We'll discuss the unique beauty of these books, with a focus on what works (and what doesn't) as we explore character and plot development; writing on particular themes; and the elements that lead to success. Participants will leave this session with a thorough understanding of how to create charming, captivating books for the littlest readers.

Writing for Children: Chapter Books and Novels
Ready to tackle writing a longer work? We'll examine the differences between chapter books, middle grade novels, and young adult novels as we discuss techniques for writing for independent readers. With candid advice about tackling tough subjects and a focus on incorporating humor, honesty, and hope, participants will gain the tools they need to write for one of the most popular markets.

Beating Writer's Block
Anyone who has ever attempted to put words on paper has struggled with writer's block. In this talk, we'll discuss different strategies for breaking through whatever is blocking your writing. Participants will learn techniques to help overcome writer's block and open the channels of creativity so that the next time writer's block strikes, they'll be ready to fight back!


School visit and speaking engagement fees are available upon request. Please email me so we can talk about scheduling a visit—I'd be delighted to hear from you. If applicable, travel expenses outside the Piedmont-Triad area of NC will apply.


School Visits
Photo courtesy of Bookmarks
School Visits
Photo credit: © Dan Prosterman
School Visits
Photo credit: © Dan Prosterman

"We receive rave reviews each time we send Megan into elementary schools through our Authors in Schools program. She is excellent with students whether she is speaking about the subjects of her many books, which include dinosaurs, fireflies, and mythology, or talking about writing in general. She shows students how books are created, from idea to the published piece, and inspires them to be writers themselves."
   —Ginger Hendricks, Bookmarks Executive Director

"Writing children's books is deceptively hard to do well. Teaching others to write for children is even harder. Rare is the writer in whom both skills meet as harmoniously as in Megan. That she is a pleasure to work with doesn't hurt, either."
   —Ed Southern, Executive Director, North Carolina Writers' Network

"Thank you so much for sharing with our class yesterday! You are such a talented author and speaker and it was a genuine delight to have you with us! Several of my children are so excited about creating their own books! I must say you enlightened me as well."
   —Leigh Ann Pernell, kindergarten teacher

"Megan E. Bryant was a guest presenter for The Downtown School's middle school discovery program. Not only did she meet our educational goal of presenting information on gods, goddesses, heroes, and monsters, she also developed lessons that were engaging to middle grade students. This is particularly noteworthy in that her usual audience is elementary aged students. Her ability to bring the content up for an appropriate level greatly increased student engagement and participation. Students loved her course and I would feel quite fortunate to be able to host Mrs. Bryant in the future!"
   —Haley Rippey, middle school teacher

"Megan's first visit to our preschool for her children's author event left everyone wanting more—the children, teachers, and staff. They literally did not want her to leave! Her presentation and reading were delightful, very well organized, and perfectly tailored to her audience. Megan's reading was interactive, educational, exciting, and most importantly, FUN! After her reading, she described in detail suited to her young audience how a book is published from the initial idea to the final product. I have no doubt there are many more children in our community encouraged to use their imaginations and value the importance of reading after attending one of Megan's events. I wholeheartedly recommend bringing Megan Bryant to your school for a children's event. You won't want her to leave!"
   —Marcy Sheets, Community Engagement and Special Projects Manager, Family Services, Child Development

"Megan Bryant is such a talent! She immediately draws people in with her depth of knowledge about writing for children. Because her accomplishments come from both sides of the editor's desk, she pulls back the curtain on the minds and motives of children's publishers. She is quite adept at adapting a presentation to meet the needs of any group. Megan Bryant is, for certain, a writer whose work is a joy to experience, and whose career it will be a delight to follow for years to come!"
   —Susannah S. Cecil, M.Ed., LPC; Director, Winston-Salem Writers