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Glow Latest YA novel:
"I used to worry about the dark. When it's dark, your whole life can spiral out of control. But there's a certain kind of light I should have been afraid of all along..."

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Latest Books!

  • Pocket Genius series (Scholastic, 2018)
    Struggling with school, fourth-grader Jake Everdale accidentally brings a set of Heroes of History action figures to life, leading to mishaps and mayhem in this funny, fast-paced chapter book series.
  • My Easter Egg (Scholastic, 2018)
    This egg-shaped novelty board book is a sweet and sparkly celebration of spring!

Dump Truck Duck

Available from Scholastic

My Snow Globe

Illustrated by Melissa Iwai

Explore a shimmering winter wonderland in this enchanting novelty board book!

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Dump Truck Duck

Available from Albert Whitman & Company

Dump Truck Duck

Illustrated by Jo de Ruiter

Rumble, rumble, hear that truck? At the wheel is Dump Truck Duck!

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Here you can find out more about the children's and middle-grade books I've written. Download some dinosaur coloring pages, learn tips and tricks for catching fireflies, and find out my favorite deity from Greek mythology.

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